Tuesday, March 24, 2015

For Real and Not For Joking: NYPD Throws Pizza Parties For Gangbangers

From Rudy "Broken Windows" Giuliani to THIS?!!??!

Hugs for thugs?

This is absolutely insane.

Maybe Obama should try this with ISIS now! It might be even more effective than a hashtag campaign.

"NYPD bosses have been throwing pizza parties for some of the city’s most hardened gang members — telling them they are loved and respected, in an effort to steer them from violence.
Criminals from rival crews, such as the Wave, the Very Crispy Gangsters and the Rock Stars, were assembled for two get-togethers hosted by police brass, with one attended by Chief of Department James O’Neill."

Everybody here cares about you. Everybody here respects you,” the men were told, according to David Kennedy, a criminologist at John Jay College of Criminal Justice who came up with the idea.

Why are New York's finest telling gangbangers that they are loved and respected? 

Because a white male, liberal academic with long hair says it makes them feeeeeel good. 

What are his credentials:

"David Kennedy is not a cop, or an academically trained criminologist, and his lack of formal schooling in either the practice or the theory of crime control may be his strongest qualification for his job. In the bifurcated world of criminology, Kennedy is able to speak to both cops and academics."

Ahh! Perfect.

Until these programs address the break up of the nuclear family, there will be precious little progress, except in the minds of lofty Social Justice Warriors, with or without academic credentials.