Thursday, March 26, 2015

I'm So Bored of "Defending" Free Speech

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is getting tired of "defending" free speech. I'm having an evolution of sorts on the issue, frankly. I'm getting really tired and bored of reading 'stirring defenses'

I thought about this earlier when I saw this Tweet from Daniel Hannan.

And yet another 'stirring defense' of free speech on campuses. 

I thought about it when I read that Lars Vilks has been told that for his protection, he can never, ever go home again.

I thought it when I read that political correctness, like other similarly totalitarian movements, may be devouring itself.

I am not going to "defend" it any more.

I'm going to stick with offending. Frankly, I want the totalitarians on the defense.

I think we need a re-think of the language surrounding free speech.

People who believe in freedom and free speech should not buy into the notion that they have anything to "defend". Protect, yes.

Freedom of speech and freedom of thought are our natural born rights, not to be given by any man, or taken away by any man.

The way to protect free speech is by inspiring more of it, creating more of it and not retreating into hoary and tired 'stirring defenses'. ,

The way to protect our treasure from assault is not a weapon called 'stirring defense'.

The ultimate defense of free speech is incessant, relentless, offensive speech and making it impossible for anyone to shut you up.

This is a small thing that is a big thing because censorship and censors have a voracious, insatiable appetite and it never stops with speech.

If more people would simply speak their mind without fear, we would need far fewer 'stirring defenses'.