Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Obama's Harvest of Violence

Just an assortment of vomit-inducing updates about the Obama administration.

First-this is a must read from a very brave Lebanese writer, Hanin Ghadar via the wonderful Tablet magazine.

"Democracy, freedom, self-determination, human and individual rights are values that Arab liberals like myself thought we shared with the United States. That’s what you told us. For years, we’ve received training and attended workshops on democracy and freedom of expression sponsored by international NGOs and NGOs funded by the United States and the Europeans. We’ve been preached to by visiting American diplomats and think-tankers and journalists about the virtues of citizenship and democracy. We took plenty of notes. We’ve been told that if we speak out to defend our rights, we will be supported by America. And now we’ve been betrayed."

This is heartbreaking, because for this woman, and for me, and for so many individuals living under iron curtains, America was the beacon of freedom and liberty-that is no longer the case thanks to President Obama's transformative policies.

Here's yet another Arab writer, who puts it in more plain language: Obama Declares War on Israel. 

"Obama's anti-Israel stance is the best gift the Americans could have given to Islamist terrorists and radical Arabs. For the first time ever, the Obama Administration has created hope among Israel's enemies that the U.S. will at last give them his wholehearted support, just as he has been doing with Iran."

Basam Tawil further notes: 

"The sharp crisis between the Obama Administration and Israel has been taking place at a time when the U.S. is losing most of its Arab and Muslim friends, especially in Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, as well as other countries. It is also taking place at a time when Iran is capturing one Arab country after the other, and has now surrounded all the oilfields in the Persian Gulf, as well as having quietly for years infiltrated South America."

"Thanks to Obama's policies, the Iranians and their friends are now in control of Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon, and much of Bahrain, and have surrounded the oilfields of the Persian Gulf. Meanwhile, the U.S. has been forced to close down its embassies in three Arab countries -- Syria, Libya and Yemen."

"Instead of facing the dangers of the Iranian drive to export the Islamic revolution to as many Arab and Islamic countries as possible -- with the help of an accelerating operation to acquire nuclear weapons -- Obama has turned Israel in general, and Netanyahu in particular, into the main threat to world peace and stability."

And "Israel" means the entire Western world, by the way. 

It's never "just" about the Jews or "just" about Israel. 

Everything that happens to the Jews and to Israel will happen to the rest of the civilized world-and it's happening now. When it was "just" Jews, a lot of people, especially in Europe, were prepared to shed a few crocodile tears, attend a few memorials and carry on with their appeasement policies.

Obama's sinister, anti-Western and antisemitic ideology has turned America's friends into enemies and enemies into friends. 

He is paving the road to the implosion of the Western world. Brick by 'transformative', "hope and change" brick.

This is most certainly one of the reason why Binyamin Netanyahu won in Israel, and won big. 

It's good that Obama's malignant, Alinsky hooligans found out that Israel is not Chicago. 

But that is just a drop in the bucket. 

Israel needs to be worried, and so does every right-thinking person in the Western world. You, we-we are all being sold out by President Obama. 

Israel, beware of Obama indeed. 

The West must be aware and beware as well, and freedom lovers must double down on their efforts to fight back with every ounce of strength on all levels: political, ideological, spiritual, religious, intellectual and financial among many others.