Friday, March 27, 2015

Leftist Teacher in Tel Aviv Wishes Rapes in Synagogues and Death By Terrorism Upon Right-Wing Voters


Your moral and intellectual superiors! 

Here is the tolerant left in action: 

"I wish that you get brutally raped in synagogues that were built for the soul of the Maran (a reference to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef - ed.) and dance at the weddings of those who attack you, those same ones who won't receive punishment or (sic) just service work in kindergartens," she continued."

"I wish this to you all with my whole heart," she wrote."

"Because I don't want to take revenge on Bibi (Binyamin Netanyahu - ed.). I want to take revenge on you. Every one of you, power-hungry murderers with blood on your hands."

"Concluding her post, she wrote "my soul is scorched because of you all. And I won't sit in a square and explain the pain of the bereaved families. I won't include your fear in the name of tolerance. I won't eat any more ashes. Now it's your turn."