Monday, March 23, 2015

Gil Troy: The Last Sane Liberal

Interesting essay. 

He speaks, of course, of Daniel Patrick Moynihan and his prescient warnings about moral decline in America.

"Every day the media burlesque spotlights an American with too much binge-drinking, drug abuse, sexual violence, family breakdown, celebrity worship, and psychic pain. America’s soul hurts partially because we lack moral anchors in our new, ultra-liberal and libertine Republic of Nothing."

"Modern liberalism remains too entwined with media-fueled, and now Internet-operated, nihilism."

"Millions of us, and some of our leading thinkers, may have started rediscovering the value of tradition, but have yet to embrace the traditional values that anchored and guided our parents and grandparents—or a valuable new tradition."

Actually, droves of people have found a new tradition, and it's religion.

I think a lot of people drift from nihilism to certain extreme forms of religion (one could call it another form of nihilism) precisely because the human spirit requires an anchor, just as the human body requires oxygen.