Thursday, March 19, 2015

Steyn: The James Taylor Doctrine

Now this is allegedly a Steyn essay about jihad, Islam, America becoming treacherous, etc...blah blah zzzzzzz so tired of 24/7 war, tyranny here and all that jihad stuff "at the other end of the ummah" (HAHAHAHAHAHAA).

But, because of SEEKRIT JOOOISH MINDWAVE POWER TOOLZ, it's actually about Jews! I know, right? Steyn and Jews-can you imagine?!?

I just about fell off my chair at this anecdote: 

"Well, each to his own, but I would doubt either Michael Carr or Jimmy Kennedy had ever knowingly heard a mariachi band at the time they wrote "South Of The Border". I'm minded to modify Jerome Kern's line to Oscar Hammerstein when they were adapting Donn Byrne's life of Marco Polo for Broadway."

"Here's a story laid in China about an Italian and told by an Irishman," said Hammerstein."

"What kind of music are you going to write?"

"Don't worry," replied Kern.

"It'll be good Jewish music."


Also, I have to say that I hate Steyn for putting that Rupert the Bear ear worm song into my brain this morning. I guess it's like reverse SEEKRIT JOOO MINDWAVE POWERZZ. But when I say 'I hate Steyn', what I really mean is-I love him err...rather IT.


Funny stuff!!! 

Exit question:

Why has Rupert the Bear bought into the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" meme?

Even the Washington Post says it's B.S.