Thursday, March 19, 2015

Eurabian And North American Judenhass Update

Guess what time it is?

Time to talk about how bad things are for Jews in Europe-again and throw in a sprinkle of North America and Israel while I'm at it.

Let's start in Paris.

My friends, we need to talk about Paris.

The Kosher grocery store re-opened. So there was a bit of solidarity shown publicly, with some whomever minister from the office of the whatever in France, talking about blah blah solidarity, blah blah, make France safe for all citizens, etc.. I like some elements of the idea of showing solidarity, but it bothers me that the re-opening of the store is somehow considered 'defiant' or a demonstration of solidarity with "life" (and that's what Jews are about-l'chaim means 'to life', that's our toast and that's the way we roll).

"Life is stronger than barbarity" seems trite in some ways especially coming from a French official, doesn't it? To me it seems like barbarity is winning in a lot of places. It's showing a lot more muscle and resolve than the "life" side right now.

The other thing that is really unsettling is that Jews just wanting to live and breathe isn't 'defiant'. How did we get from there to here?

If you live in a place where it's considered defiant, or uppity, for Jews to live, then you need to think about where you are living because it's not just about the Jews. It starts with us, but as history shows us, it never ends with us. Not ever.

So, let's review some other happenings in Europe, shall we?

Still in France: ISIS child executioner identified by classmates from France. This is very "French", non? 

Actually, this is more idiotically French.

Who cares what people SAY? It's what they do. This is shameful. Let him say whatever the hell he wants about Jews. If he threatens Jews, or hurts them, then do something about it. Liberal Jews, of course, will celebrate this as a great victory over antisemitism ("fighting antisemitism"), but it's stupid and tyrannical and is "proof" to already suspicious Jew-haters that Jews control the media/country/world.

Why put gas on that flame? Why not just starve it of oxygen instead?

In Sweden, mourning Jews harassed at Jewish cemetery.

Demands for Jewish guards at European Jewish sites skyrockets after France and Denmark attacks. 

The pathetic "conservative" David Cameron provides band-aid to Jewish community. 

In Poland, more memorials relating to dead Jews.

In Germany: Jews advised to stop looking so Jewy, especially in Muslim neighbourhoods.

Jews in Britain also try not to look so Jewy, so as not to be seen looking for trouble.

Jews in the Baltics not faring much better. 

Jew attacked wearing Star of David, in Austria. 

And Europeans, instead of actually, you know-dealing with the "root cause", prepare to bury the problem in bureaucracy. 

But the worst, worst, worst of them all right now, is the "Danes form human ring around synagogue" story.

Screw this. 

I am so sick of seeing people get all weepy about this all over social media.  It makes me puke.  Seriously, I puke on you.

("So beautiful/hopeful/lovely/wonderful..." zzzzzzz...)

This is post-facto, photo-op/selfie selfish, moral preening disguised and packaged as 'concern'.

This "concern" is a one-time photo op about a DEAD Jew.

There is nothing in here that respects either the dead, or the living Jews.

So please, unless you are concerned about living Jews, please do not "circle around" any synagogues. Feh. Seriously. I will respect you if you do stuff for the living ones, and on our behalves.

I will award no Jew points for any slacktivism on behalf of dead Jews. Save that sh&t for Facebook and stuff.

Have your people call my people if you are interested in us living ones.

Meanwhile, in North America:

Obama official to address Jew-Hating Jew Group. 

Most hate crimes in Toronto target Jews. 

Official Jews pissed that Justin Trudeau calls Muslims the new Jews. And if that's the case, according to Trudeaupian logic, who are the new Nazis? Why is nobody asking that? Too painful?

Nothing to see here, either.

Interestingly, and perhaps insanely, my optimism about Israel and the Jews remains eternal.

It was a good week for the free world, a bad week for the Israeli left and Israel haters, and this is a remarkably interesting development as well.

A while back, I read an article that discussed the Har Nof terrorist massacre. Responding to this image, a lot of religious Jews called for a doubling up of wearing Tefilin (phylacteries, pictured here on the arm) to honour the dead (and other good deeds and mitzvot).

That's a good plan.

But the complimentary plan, my plan and theory, is that in response to seeing a blood soaked, hacked off Jewish arm, we need strong, smart, effective weapons-and lots of them-in the hands of Jewish soldiers, security professionals and leaders (both spiritual and political).

A confirmation of that need and the embrace by Israelis of my theory can be found in the results of this week's Israeli elections.