Monday, March 2, 2015

Australia Takes School Security Seriously

Ha ha.  

Just kidding. 

Thanks to my Australian correspondent for sending these in. 

What Australia is saying is that all schools can apply for extra security funding, which is another way of saying that there is no particular risk to any one community, we're all equals, etc...which is another way of making a painful and frankly, gutless moral equivalence.  

They are emphasizing 'taxpayer funded', as if parents should be so gushingly grateful for 'government' largesse. Why shouldn't the public be consulted about the very broad approach that their government is taking with their money? Is school security actually an equal threat to all communities? Are all children at risk? Or some more than others?

The Minister of Justice thus says:

“There are certain schools throughout Australia that have a slightly higher-risk profile,” he said."
This isn't a result to anything specific...There has been an increased threat in Australia in general.”

The funding breakdown, thus far:
  • 11 Government schools—$1,931,500
  • 17 Jewish schools—$7,569,100
  • 15 Islamic schools—$4,439,800
  • 11 Independent schools—$2,706,200
The Justice Minister of Australia is too gutless to say "Jewish children in Australia are at higher risk for jihadist terrorism".  How can the entire security of Australia be trusted to a man who cannot, or will not even articulate threats that are most certainly uneven, not "general", and not "random"? 

Answer-it cannot and should not.

For shame.