Thursday, March 5, 2015

Disgraceful: Parents Still Under Watch, With Children's Services File For Letting Kids Walk "Alone"

This is so crazy. 

It certainly is the "walk that was heard around the world".

I know everyone has a 'when I was a kid, I walked four miles barefoot in the snow to the one-room schoolhouse' stories, but seriously!!!

My brother and I walked to school, then home for lunch and back to school all by ourselves. We took the bus on the weekends to the Science Center, by ourselves. We played outside with all the neighbourhood kids in the nice weather till it got dark. We played in the park! We argued over which park to go to. The "swing park"? Or the "tree park"? How far we've devolved! How much freedom and independence has been lost-or rather-surrendered.

When your children can be taken from you by the state, for letting them walk without an adult, the state has too much power.