Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mother and Autistic Son Sue Peel Regional School Board Over Abusive Practices

Looks like child abuse to me. 

The allegations, which have not been proven in court, include:

  • A support worker would “place him in a chair and hold his arms tightly behind the back of the chair for certain periods of time” as a form of punishment when he was in kindergarten at one school;
  • Christian was “placed in a solitary isolation room for several hours, sometimes for the duration of the entire school-day” at another school where he completed Grades 1 to 3; the school referred to the room as “Mexico.”
  • The room was “approximately the size of a small walk-in closet” and “the defendants … would alternate sitting on a chair against the door to prevent Christian from exiting the room.”
  • He was placed alone in a room at another school on several occasions, and that at both schools, he was denied access to food, water or a toilet while in the room, and forced to clean up after urinating.
  • Another school made “false and misleading” reports to Children’s Aid “with the intent to destabilize Karen Thorndyke’s custody of Christian, and with further intent to intimidate Karen Thorndyke from subsequent involvement with the school.”

  • Here is how the school board is describing what was done to her child:

    "School board spokeswoman Carla Pereira, speaking generally and not about this case, said schools make use of what the board calls “alternate learning environments” for students with special needs, to de-escalate their behaviour if it presents an immediate danger to themselves or others."

    “The guiding principle is that the length of time spent in an alternate learning environment should be as short as possible,” she said.