Friday, March 13, 2015

Pre-Sabbath Update on the State of the World

Otherwise known as the world according to me.

Really, this is just a summary of things that I have been thinking about over the past few days.

Real life remains very busy, but there is still lots to talk about.

I've collected a bunch of links over the week and when I look at them together, they form a pretty dismal picture. The world, like life, goes in waves. Up and down, wave after wave.

From the super doooooper extra special American envoy/Tsar on antisemitism, the admission that "security" for European Jews is just a band-aid "solution" and that many European Jewish communities simply are not viable.

A month after the terrorist attack at her Bat Mitzvah, the family celebrates in Israel-which is really where they should be thinking of putting down roots and not clinging to the fantasy of European Jewish life. It's really not 'living' anymore.

They are "bankrupted" by security costs. European Jewish communities are paying for their own perilous, fragile survival, and it's truly just a band-aid and nobody wants to deal with the fatal, gushing wound

In the UK, the great Douglas Murray surveys the epidemic Jew-hatred in British academia. It's a repulsive picture. Britain is, unfortunately, no longer great, no longer proud of its heritage.

Two Jewish teens are beaten to a pulp outside a Marseille synagogue.

ISIS has a new BFF.

Egypt's Sisi is facing growing pressures and threats, having been abandoned by America. 

Sisi and Israeli PM Netanyahu "talk a lot". Obama has, ironically, by abandoning Israel and Egypt to the wolves, created a warmer peace between the two countries than Sadat!

This is the law of unintended consequences in action!

Many Palestinians want democracy, but their democratic aspirations will fall on the deaf ears of Obama administration.

Iran laughs in all of our faces. 

Evil laughs in our face because the free world is suffering through the second agonizing term of the silliest, most juvenile, narcissistic, empty-suit, ignorant, classless, President in American history. 

America can no longer be called the leader of the free world-just what Obama wanted. Mission accomplished.

Meanwhile in South America-not so great for Jews in Argentina.

Not even the dead ones can rest in peace.

I'm not feeling terribly optimistic right now.

Even in Canada, Jewish blood is cheap. 

Where are the Official Jews on this?

Where is the "Conservative" Party? Where is Prime Minister Harper, where is Jason Kenney? Where is CIJA? Where is the Canadian Jewish News?

Do you hear that?

That's the deafening sound of silence in the face of real threats and violence against Jews and a disgraceful miscarriage of justice. And nobody "official" cares a whit. 

It's pathetic. 

Plus, I have a hunch that Israel is going to swing left in the upcoming elections. 

As usual, people write to me, frustrated and angry asking what to do.

So I will spell it out again.

Don't be afraid.  Fight back with the skills you have, fight what you can-not what you can't.

Love your children, raise them well.  Honour your parents who gave you life.

Love and respect your partner in life.

Give thanks. Smile. Compliment. Hold the door. Say hello. Sing. Dance. Host. Hum. Share. Give. Pray.

These are all essential victories.

Stay in it for the long run.

Live well and Carpe Diem.