Monday, February 20, 2017

Australian Senator Threatened With Beheading Because Celebrate Diversity

So, a guy named Moishey Goldstein just threatened an Australian senator and said that if she didn't convert to Judaism she would be BEHEADED.

Whoops-sorry. Got the details mixed up!

What I meant was that an Amish guy named Nathaniel McDonald said that if she didn't stop using electricity, he would BEHEAD HER.

Oh-geez. Wrong again. Fart. I am just getting really sloppy here on the details.


What I meant was this lady, a ferocious, savage Buddhist said that if she didn't see the light in Buddha, she would be BEHEADED.

Wait! OK, now I have the details right: oddly enough, it's someone threatening that if she doesn't adopt sharia and become a Muslim, OFF WITH HER HEAD.

But Jacqui Lambie is NOT BACKING DOWN.