Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday Link Extravaganza!

Feast your eyes on these!!! Get barf bags ready, etc...


Demographics are destiny, German edition

Happy New Year, migrants in Germany style

Gang rapists say ‘women should just listen and not complain’

The torrid love affair between radical Islam and radical leftism meets RIGHT HERE

Absolutely disgusting.

Same thing here in Ontario.

Europe getting even more rapey: peeing in diapers rather than go to washroom edition

Happy Anniversary!

Hahahaha: pro-refugee writer goes mute quite suddenly

Two thirds of Germans want Merkel out. 

The other third is likely made up of young, single, healthy, randy, Muslim males-Merkel’s “babies” and they are pretty happy to be there thankyouverymuchMammaMerkel.

German girls will soon not be able to swim in public. (I think that’s already happening. It’s sharia swimming, de facto.)


Listen to me! I'm going to say this loud and clear: 

Swimming pools are ground zero for the Rape Jihad. GROUND EFFING ZERO. These disgusting barbarians will continue to rape and sexually assault children and women happily, and without punishment until the dhimmis in power decide to voluntarily submit completely to sharia swimming rules, and this will only happen after many, many more of their children and wives are sexually assaulted, actually sacrificed on the cult of Multiculturalism a.k.a Refugees Welcome. Civilizations that sacrifice their children and women do not do very well in the long run.