Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Today Was YUGE!

Today was a great day for the Western world and in particular for Israel and America.

I watched the whole Bibi-Trump press conference. OK, I watched it twice it was so nice.

First President ever to specifically call out Palestinian genocidal indoctrination. Trump also BLEW AWAY the "two-state" solution mantra in one breath. It was a glorious thing. What a difference. Israel's PM went in through the front door and was greeted with respect, like an ally, LIKE A BOSS.

Very instructive session on alpha maleness. VERY.

Personally, I thought it was YUGE. Just YUGE.

I'm very happy about that.


Watch the whole thing.

I am so grateful that the Jew-hater Obama is out of the White House.

There's gonna be "a lot of love" shown to Israel. Love this.