Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday Links!

Get them while they're fresh and hot.

Completely "locked in" individuals can still communicate. In other words-yes they are human and living and not "vegetables" so don't freaking kill them because they are hard to take care of. You're welcome.

I find this obscene. Absolutely obscene. 

This is an incredible story out of Israel. A Brazilian doctor has taught an Israeli doctor how to do an intricate surgery on babies in-utero to fix a genetic defect that leads to Spina Bifida. This is absoutely amazing. Yes, it's in Hebrew, but you should still look at the news story video in this link because the pictures are actually real, not computer-generated. 

You should also look at it because the baby being operated upon is 5 months and you can see him reacting, and even pushing away the probe. Aren't five-month old babies (that's 20 weeks gestation) routinely murdered all over the allegedly civilized world BECAUSE WOMEN'S RIGHTS or something? 

This is pretty cute: "Jews love charity and they love dinner." Pretty good use of "kvell" also.