Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Hahahaha. Just kidding. There's nothing good! It's all disgusting!

This is a disgusting piece of moral equivalence. It says “Share” so I am going to share my thoughts: UNICEF, you are a noxious blight on the earth. The Muslims from Syria are not the “new” Jews. The comparisons are revolting and pathetic. Try as you may, the Muslims will never be the “new” Jews. If anything, the Jew-hating populations of the Muslim middle east resemble more of the ideological mindset of the Nazis in word and deed. So screw you, UNICEF and also screw you, Times of Israel for promoting this utter crap.

Up yours. BIGLY. 



“Leading Rabbis” in Europe say synagogues are no longer safe for Jews. Gee, thanks geniuses for pointing that out. Very helpful. You know this statement is really imbecilic:

“The Jewish community finds itself targeted from a number of directions: from the extreme right, the extreme left and Islamic terrorism.” Trying to split the blame is really pathetic and cowardly. Europe is not safe for Jews because of the Muslim invasion, and Europe deserves its fate and certainly does not deserve Jews, not even the stiff-necked ones who INSIST that they (like their predecessors before them) that they are true French/Germans/Austrians etc..and that nothing untoward will ever happen to them because they are so loyal and true.


OK, then there is this stuff brewing in Canada.

This is bad.  Protesting peacefully is perfectly legal or so I thought. 

Well, look at that.

Apparently, protesting is NOT OK in Canada. 

Only one teeny, tiny small problem. The hate inside the mosque turned out to be worse than the alleged hate outside the mosque. OOPSIE. 

So when the sunlight shone upon that part of the story, all of the sudden, there was no interest in looking into hate speech outside the mosque. POOF. Story vanishes. 

And now, everyone is TOTALLY ALL BUTCH on the vandalism of Jewish doors. Everyone is talking about the mezuzahs and the doors! Mosque calls for annihilation of the Jews, not so much. All our local politicians, the Mayor of Toronto, and various sundry Members of Provincial Parliament are ALL ABOUT THE JEW DOORS. 

Spare me. Oh and GAG ME also. 



Dear Bristol University of the United Kingdom: UP YOURS

“Privileging” the Holocaust is one of the most fetid, antisemitic, disgusting phrases that I have seen in a long time. Screw you and your Jew-hating faculty member.

Now this:

Say what you will about Le Pen, but she clearly has bigger stones than any man in France right now. THIS is how it’s done.

North America:

MUST READ: Glenn Reynolds-Trump and the Crisis of the Meritocracy (really good)

New Jersey: Moms raise concerns about Islam being taught in public schools (and are dutifully blown off by dhimmi superintendents)

HELLO CONSERVATIVES: Twitter is not your friend. Go find another play date.


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