Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Decadent West Is Committing Suicide With Nary a Shot Fired From the Enemy

Otherwise known as Mark Steyn and The Two Bullets story. 


So let me lay this out for you. 

A very smart man relayed a story to yours truly not long ago and if memory serves correctly just recently on his amazing new television show (subscribe here) (see "Je Suis Hitler" SteynPost) about how he was told by a Hungarian Holocaust survivor that the Nazis and their local collaborators were so evil and had dehumanized the Jews to such a degree that they didn't want to "waste" precious bullets killing Jews.

Things were getting tough at that point during the war, war materiel was scarce, so they devised a way to get a lot of "bang" (read: murder) for their buck and figured out how to commit mass murder of Jews using only two precious bullets. Bully for them! Such innovative savages.

Here's what they did:

They made a line of Jews and tied them all together.

Then they positioned them by the river.

Then they used two precious bullets and shot the Jews at each end of the line.

The weight of the two Jews at each end was sufficient to pull the rest of the Jews into the river and as they were all tied together, they all drowned together.

Only two bullets, and not a single push by a human hand.


The West continues to kill itself without even two damned bullets being fired. 

Don't say you weren't warned. 

If you want to hear more from The Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, you can take in the live show at the upcoming Manning Centre Conference in Ottawa, Ontario this weekend. 

Ottawa is a bit of a snoozeroo, but I have full confidence that Mark Steyn will perk up and shake things things up a bit perhaps even in both official languages!

I assume that he will be allowed back in Canada, but this is really the Deranged Dominion and we are so seriously screwed so who knows!


Hmm. And I'm thinking...If Steyn Incorporated needs a bodyguard squad primarily made up of suburban, Zionist Jewish mothers, HEY YA KNOW JUST HOLLER COZ I KNOW THE PERVERTED WHOOPS SILLY ME, I MEAN PERFECT CANDIDATE!



What was I talking about?

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