Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Roger L. Simon Goes There....

This is a good essay about the latest male feminist #MeToo thug. 

I hope Mr. Simon doesn't have any real hope that the political left will have a real spiritual reckoning because honestly, you can't shame the shameless.

He also, interestingly, ventures into the Jewish part of the problem:

"ONE OTHER THING: In writing about this, I would be remiss in not acknowledging something I find personally shameful because I am Jewish. Four particularly sexually disturbed liberal politicians/icons -- Spitzer, Weiner, Weinstein and Schneiderman -- are my co-religionists. (Massachusetts' Stan Rosenberg is a fifth.) Is this merely an accident? Possibly. I don't know. But I think Jewish groups, in the interest of honest self-criticism and improvement, should examine this situation. Perhaps it would provide an additional chapter to Norman Podhoretz's Why Jews Are Liberals. (Thankfully, not all of us are.)"

I think that it is certainly incumbent upon Jews to talk about the Jewish part of this. But the idea of Jewish groups talking about it will only work in one sense: Jewish groups (or individuals) teaching young Jews and old Jews alike about Jewish values in order to prevent them from becoming radical leftists, whose actual religion is leftism and not Judaism. And also in order to save them from the leftist values that are corrupting their souls and return to the Jewish values that will more likely safeguard them. 

These grubby, creepy, sick guys were certainly born Jewish. But other than being circumcised (perhaps) and born of a Jewish mother (I assume) there's not really much that's Jewish about them except their names. Oh yah, they probably like bagels. And probably can use about a half a dozen Yiddish words with a thick Jewish accent. WHATEVZ. 

Yes, Podhoretz's book is very good reading and does explain a lot of why Jews abandon Jewish religion for the Church of Liberalism and that's really what the problem is here. Judaism prescribes very specific guidelines surrounding male and female relations, the nature of the relationship between men and women and sexual relations. 

It's tempting for non-religious people to make fun of religious people for not touching any member of the opposite sex who is not their close relatives, or for religious people not allowing themselves to be in the same room alone with a member of the opposite sex. 

They think it's soooooo stupid, and sooooo silly and overplayed. But it's not. 

Think of the worst stories that you know about sexual betrayals, or marriages falling apart, or work romances, most embarrassment, or most regret. How many do you think would have happened if any of these ingredients were removed from the recipe: no being alone with someone in a room, having no physical contact with someone who is not your close relative, and how about no alcohol? 

So if "Jewish organizations" or individuals are going to talk about this, the most sensible thing to focus on is honestly how to rescue Jews from liberalism.