Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Please: Enough With the Scolding, Conservative "Don't Believe Hamas" Articles

There have been a lot of "conservative" articles over the past few days, written by Israelis, various Jewish authors, gentile friends of Jews and friends of Israel trying to shame people into not buying into the Pallywood production narrative.  My friends-the people you are trying to reach are not buying what you are selling!

And while it's somewhat amusing to post, or Tweet footage of "dead" Palestinians coming to life, or "disabled" ones miraculously shedding their crutches, Hamas terrorists admitting their murderous aims, none of that will do a single bit of good to either "shame" the mainstream media and their drooling, terror-loving sycophants or change any minds.

The mainstream media and its predominately politically leftist readership will not be "shamed". And the idea that they are "buying" into the Hamas propaganda is really simplistic and frankly, stupid. It's the wrong way of looking at this.

The media "Israelis are murderous Nazis" screeching tools are infatuated by Palestine and by Palestinian terrorism, by the killing of Jews and by the demand that the number of Jews that are murdered be "proportionate", at the very least, to the number of Palestinians killed by Israel.

The phrase "disproportionate", or "disproportionate" force really just means that that individual feels that more Jews should be murdered, in order to even out the score. That is actually what they mean and that is actually what they want. It is unsatisfactory to them that there are not a sufficient number of Jews slaughtered. But wouldn't it be prudent to ask, what would be sufficient? How many Jews ought to be murdered to satisfy these wishes for proportionality?

Well that's hard to say, but it does seem like the more the better, doesn't it?

So they are not "buying" into the Hamas whoppers.

The right way to look at this is that they are happy collaborators. Yes, collaborators. Pallywood would go out of business if none of the studios (i.e mainstream media) bought the Pallywood scripts. There would be no box office hits, and they would be downgraded to the film category of Sh&tty Nazi B Roll and have no other outlet than Electronic Intifada or Turkish state media.

The media and their left-wing cheerleaders are complicit in this macabre fetishization of Jewish death. You can see how happy they are as they grill Israeli spokesmen and women, they are actually happy to have the opportunity to accuse Jews of being bloodthirsty, "disproportionate" murderers.

They love these blood-thirsty terrorists who put a measly $100 price on the the lives of their own flesh and blood! 

Ahh the relief!

Finally, there is an "acceptable" expression of virulent, disgusting, blood libellous Jew-hatred that they can indulge in! It is not only satisfying to their corrupt, wicked souls but also profitable! They make money and all kinds of posh, enlightened equally virtuous friends doing this! How glorious!

Where overt antisemitism is no longer particularly in vogue among the chi chi media set-after all, some of their best friends are their Jewish accountants, lawyers, democratically elected representatives and movie producers-its those uppity Israeli Jews, those fighting Jews-well, they are a safe, soft target for this bilious rage. The antisemitic bile in their heart and soul and bones seethes out of their mouths like the hot, slow creeping lava and spirit-destroying, nihilistic crushing garbage that it is. These people are demanding a blood sacrifice from the Jews and they are very, very disappointed when they don't get it.

So, while it is gratifying to know that there are indeed many individuals, journalists, thought leaders and politicians of courage, and particularly the American administration led by President Turmp, the "stop believing Hamas" pieces are actually counter productive and unhelpful. They do not make a difference. It is preaching to the converted. Perhaps it makes us feel better for a few fleeting moments that there are people 'on our side' but the reality is that our side is going to have to do much, much more than churn out the same, tired piece over and over.

The problem is not that people are buying into the Hamas lies.

The problem is that for them, Hamas and its Jew-slaughtering raison d'etre, is the truth, the way and the road.

That is what we are seeing here-this is a real, true glimpse into the modern incarnation of pure antisemitism. It's right in front of our faces. It's unabashed, it's a burning and passionate fire completely untroubled by facts, uninterested in history and certainly completely unimpressed by the desire of the Jews not to cooperate in the "disproportionate' slaughter project of the leftist-Islamic alliance. These pathetic evil humans are really very bothered indeed by the Jews' stubborn refusal to be murdered. How dare they?

The reason that so many well-intentioned friends of the Jews, and Jews themselves are so animated at this moment in their pure, impassioned and righteous defence of Israel and the Jews (and there are many truly well-written and spirited such pieces) is because, I believe, that all understand that what we seeing in front of our very eyes.

What we are seeing, and what we probably never thought we would see after the Holocaust, is the actual living, insatiable, bloodthirsty spirit of the Inquisition, of the pogroms, of the Nazis, of The Mufti and all his Palestinian jihadi descendants, and all the current leftist Friends of Terrorists, Inc. who are animating the current war against the Jews. Make no mistake about it, that's what it is. It chills us to the bone. We are looking into the abyss. We are angry and vociferous because we know what this is about.

My friends, there is no silver lining to this tale, to this dose of reality that I expect you to process.

I can only suggest that we must not look away, and that with G-d's help and guidance, with G-d as our rock, we must always summon our deepest human resolve and skills, our spirits and our talents, our resources and our bodies and souls to continue to fight these forces of evil with the best antidotes and best weapons that we posses.