Friday, May 11, 2018

Eurabia is Doomed: Amsterdam Kosher Restaurant to Close Due to Repeat Antisemitic Attacks

Imagine that. 

You would think with all the revenue they earn from the Exploit the Dead Jew Anne Frank House, there would be some spare funds available for protecting the few Jews running businesses in Amsterdam. 

However, if you thought that, you would be wrong. 

"In December, a 29-year-old Syrian asylum seeker smashed the restaurant’s window while holding a PLO flag. He then broke into the restaurant as two police officers watched and took out an Israeli flag from inside the restaurant before they arrested him. He has been charged with vandalism in an indictment that does not include an aggravated element of a hate crime."

"Since the incident, the restaurant’s windows were again smashed once and are repeatedly spat on and smeared with garbage, Bar-On said. Police beef up security after each incident but leave shortly after, he said."

"Bar-On also claimed the mayor has refused to meet him on the issue. But a municipal spokesperson said that Bar-On has declined several offers by the city to have him meet lower-level officials."