Monday, May 14, 2018

What a Week!

It was a very bad week for Jew-haters and a very good week for the Jews, for America and for Western civilization. It's been a bad run for the anti-Western crowd actually, and hopefully it will continue to get worse for them.

Let's review-first of all, did you catch the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem? I was completely verklempt.

It was actually magical. To think of how many empty, vapid promises were made by so many former Presidents to move the embassy and then Trump comes along and says we're gonna do it, and he does it. I thought it was very moving and really felt like I was watching history being made. To me, it wasn't just a matter of 'promise made, promise kept' although that of course, is quite a magnificent feat for any individual let alone for the President of the United States.

To me, it was a display of the rightful brotherhood between America and Israel, or more broadly, between the Jewish-Christian world and its leadership to the world. As I see it, it's actually a covenant. A covenant between Western values and ourselves. I found the whole ceremony profoundly moving.

It was a triumph for President Trump and for Israeli PM Netanyahu, both leaders of consequence. Yes, both quite flawed, but both exhibiting incredible bravery and fortitude. President Trump on the policy battlefield of America and Netanyahu both on military battlefields and now as the leader of the Jewish people. Quite a remarkable pair they are.

It was also evident that there is tremendous personal chemistry among the VIPs who were there. There is a meeting of moral minds, a meshing of moral chemistry as well. Absolutely glorious.

It is noteworthy that not a single Democratic politician was there. And particularly vile and galling is that not a single Jewish Democrat was there except (and correct me if I'm wrong) for Joe Lieberman. The Democratic party of America has made a blood contract with the radical left and identity politics. It is not going to get worse, it's going to get much more ugly and disgusting.

Speaking of ugly and disgusting, I note Canada's absence at the Embassy festivities. 

I hope all the Jews who voted for Prime Minister Trudeau are really proud of themselves.

"Notably absent from the list are some of Israel’s allies and staunchest friends, such as Canada, Australia and Germany. Other important countries with which Israel has good ties — such as China, Russia, Argentina and India — are also boycotting the event."
Over the past week or so, we have also seen some other incredible events that again, make Jew-haters incredible sad (and yes, Virginia, there are Jewish Jew-haters) and the enemies of the West sad as well. We saw Israel's unbelievable intelligence coup in Iran. We saw the Jewish state completely and utterly humiliate Iran by stealing tons and tons of intelligence right from under their noses.

(To top it off, a video of elite IDF soldiers singing a Persian love song in their choir was posted by an enthusiastic parent, but was subsequently yanked from the internet-I believe because it was an unauthorized posting of video showing the faces of the soldiers in the unit. But talk about trolling at a Ninja Master Class Level.)

We saw President Trump reject the Iran "deal". It was glorious. And then we saw Israel unleashed on Iranian targets in Syria. The message: don't f&ck with us.

It was put thus: if it rains in Israel, it will pour in Iran. Good glory that's good stuff!

As well, the North Koreans released their American prisoners.

Contrast getting live prisoners, versus how poor Otto Warmbier RIP was brought back to America.

And just for kicks, check out how the media has treated the return of the North Korean hostages ("Trump doing it all for show, that reality TV star...") versus how the traitor Beau Bergdahl was received like a king, with his parents and the fawning media could not get enough of that deserter and his very questionable religious situation and allegiances.

I thought this was a very nice take from Don Surber, if you'd care to read it.

PS: Ivanka is a knock out. She's just lovely.