Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Wendy Mesley At CBC Sees Jews in Her Sandwiches

I was off line for the Sabbath and a Jewish holiday and right afterward heard about a set of wildly kooky Jew-obsessed Tweets from Wendy Mesley at Canada's official state broadcaster. Seems that more than a few Jews and gentiles already took a few shots at her insane Tweets, but Ezra's clip (start at minute 56, I'm absolutely dying) takes the cake, of course.

Also, he's completely correct. Not a single Official Jew has Tweeted any kind of reply to Ms. Mesley about her wacko sniff out the Jew mission. By the way, as far as I know, it isn't illegal to be a friend of a Jew in Canada or to have rich American Jewish friends.  It's also not illegal for former office holders to have friends or personal opinions or even public opinions. But with PM Hairdo at our helm, who knows what the future hold?

As I said last week to the Official Jews:

But here's Ezra's take!

There's at least six or seven of these, but this one is a corker:

("Those Jewy Jews in their 40,000 square foot Jew houses! I bet they eat Jew-Jubes there!!")

This is absolutely nutty stuff and there's only a few explanations for it. Either she was given express marching orders to post this find-the-Jew stuff, or she thinks she got a scoop, or she is one of those Annex liberals whose best friends are Jews, etc. so she is so full of herself, and actually so intolerant that she can't actually see, as Ezra points out, her kook Tweets are not particularly distinguishable from other noteworthy wackjob, garden variety antisemites on the political extreme of the right.

She's obsessed with Stephen Harper and his love of DA JOOOOOOOOOZ! DA JUICE!!!!! HARPER LOVES DA JUICE!! HE GETTING BEEEG ZOG CHEQUES FROM DA JUICE!!!!! AIYEEEEE!!!!!!!

By the way, it's CAPITAL, not CAPITOL (see Schneer Tweet below). Also, could they have picked a less flattering, less Satanic looking photo of Mr. Schneer? Nah, don't bother answering. I think we all know the answer.

I think we all know how CBC feels about Israel and DA JOOOOOOOOOOZ. I mean it's not every day that a Canadian journalist gets accused by none other than the erudite, moderate, diplomatic and intelligent Michael Oren that he hopes Hamas sends her a thank you note because of the excellent work she is doing on their behalf. 

Sheila Gunn Reid has been doing a good job at humiliating Mesley on Twitter, but to be fair, Mesley did that really well on her very own.