Tuesday, May 1, 2018

When Binyamin Netanyahu Says "Never Again", I Listen and I Believe Him

Just a few thoughts before I retire to my chambers for the evening...

I've been thinking about how absolutely miraculous it is that we Jews have Israel and thank G-d that we have strong leadership in Israel in Binyamin Netanyahu. I can't think of any other politician at the moment who would be a better person for the job at this moment in time (however, I personally think Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat is cut of the same cloth though, let's see if I am right).

The intelligence coup pulled off, once again by Israel is nothing short of astonishing. Yes, they certainly could have afforded to hire a better graphic designer, but that's just me being ridiculously petty and surface and about looks and all. But really, think about it-how did they do it? We will likely have to wait decades upon decades to hear even small threads of this story. It's absolutely amazing.

The main beautiful thing for me is that I believe that Bibi understands what Never Again really means. The "lesson" of the Holocaust, once again, is that Jews need the best weapons, and the smartest, most agile, most amazing minds and bodies operating all of them in defence of the Jewish people, and as a bonus result: in defence of the free world.

It means the best pilots, the best covert and overt operations. It means the bravest service men and women, intelligence gatherers, programmers, cryptographers, and every single one of their support people throughout the world. It means that yes, Israel will screw things up sometimes but at the core of the Jewish people there is our brotherhood, our commitment to survival, to thrive, to be warriors and to fight the people who want us dead. It means paying a high price. It means burying loved ones and friends. It means the price is blood and bereavement. The "price" is unbearable. That is the price of life: of chaim, which means life in Hebrew but is actually plural.  The price of the existence of the Jew is a heavy one indeed. G-d only knows why we have this burden. To be Chosen, but to remain hunted by the most sinister humans on this earth, generation unto generation. It means being smarter, more agile, and with a better damned army than any of our enemies.

It also means that somehow, the Jews, MY JEWS, G-d bless them (and any and all of their accomplices), got all of that intelligence out of Iran, right under the antisemitic noses of the Mullah Jew-Haters in Chief and even more beautifully, Bibi has absolutely and completely squashed Obama's legacy.

They say revenge is best served cold and my G-d, this was a fucking icicle. A fucking Jewish icicle served up, ice cold to former President Barack Hussein Obama, the antisemitic jerk so revered by Jewish voters in particular for eight years straight. A Jewsicle. I love it.

Aside from the obvious joy I have at Iran's public drubbing by Israel, and aside from feeling gloriously relieved by Israel's obvious control of the situation and my confidence that the Israelis have a plan (or several), this was also a Master Class in political payback.

Just to take you back to memory lane:

Obama snubs Netanyahu 

The "mic slip". 

The "unprecedented" snub.

Jerk. Massive Jew-hating jerk. 

It's also a nice 'up yours'  to Obama Jewish Court Eunuchs like Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic.

In summary, I sleep much better knowing that Israel knows so much, that Israeli is being led by the de facto leader of the free world, in concert with President Trump (my G-d, what a glorious difference), the actual official leader of the free world.

I pray that all the leftist extremist who were merely born Jews, my idiot people, those abject dunces who voted for President Obama eventually see the light and abandon their Church of Leftism and come back to Judaism.