Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Two Tales of Donald Trump

Yes, thank you I am well aware he is not perfect.

Thanks, I'm well aware of his issues with women but that's Melania's problem, not mine.

Anybody with any knowledge of history knows that individuals of historical consequence have always been and will always be terrifically flawed humans. You can be a great leader and a complex, flawed human. Two things about the same human can be true, at the very same time. Imagine that!

This guy loves his country, and loves his children. He loves children period.

I always said he'd be better than Hillary, better for America and better for Israel and the Jews. Everything about that ==> gravy.

Moving the Embassy to Jerusalem was just gravy.

Jewy gravy! And it's something that is not "just" good for the Jews.

What's good for the Jews is good for the West.

But I digress. So, here are are two vignettes that show, not tell a story about President Trump.



Grab tissues.