Friday, May 11, 2018

Incredible: "My Journey to North Korea With the Secretary of State"

Wow. Absolutely incredible.

This is a must read. 

"The invitation to go along came out of the blue and was cloaked in secrecy, despite President Trump’s tweets that something big was coming and Rudolph W. Giuliani’s public assertions that a prisoner release was imminent."

"We were called in last Friday afternoon and told to get a new passport with a special permission stamped on one page authorizing a one-time-only visit to a geographically restricted country, a description that fits only North Korea, where the State Department has a travel ban for U.S. citizens. We were instructed to pack a small bag and be ready to depart on a moment’s notice, whenever it might come. And we were ordered to tell no one about it in advance."

“Are we going where I think we’re going?” I asked two officials in a room with the door closed."

"They nodded, silently."