Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mitt Romney: Culture Matters

James Taranto from the WSJ takes a look at Mitt's trip to Israel and speech in Jerusalem. 

One little quibble:


"Mishigass" is Yiddish for a singular crazy thought or nonsensical behaviour.

A "mishugganer" is a crazy person, "mishugganers" is the plural.

All from the Hebrew "meshuga", which is crazy, and it also-delightfully can be a reflexive verb as well: lehishtageah ('to drive oneself crazy').

Here's Mitt in his own words:

Yes, my seething, lefty, Palestinian-loving, crusty, morose, anti-American friends-Culture Does Matter. 

Song for the post: Sarit Haddad-"Kztat Meshugaat", "A Little Crazy".