Thursday, December 19, 2013

American Police State: Woman Files Suit Against Police For Illegal Body Cavity Search

For the pleasure of having her bowel movement observed by these crack (heh) American law enforcement officials, she was also billed $5000 by the hosptial.

How comforting to know that hospitals are complicit in this barbarity in America.

Here is what is alleged. 

"Agents quickly stripped searched her and did cavity searches but found no evidence of drugs, court documents said. But the woman was transported in handcuffs to the University Medical Center of El Paso, the lawsuit said, where doctors subjected her to an observed bowel movement, a CT scan and other exams without a warrant."

“What is truly frightening about this incident is that it could have happened to anyone,” said ACLU-NM Legal Director Laura Schauer Ives.

“The failed drug war and militarized border region have created an environment in which law enforcement officials increasingly inflict extreme and illegal searches on innocent Americans.”

If it can happen to anyone, it will.

If it can happen to anyone-it will happen to EVERYONE.