Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Idiot People: "We Were in A Craze to See Blood" Edition

Israel, the Jews-should NOT be helping anyone from Gaza. 

This is the payback.

No eye operations, no heart surgery for kids-nothing. Let them help themselves.

They will not like us EVEN if we are "nice" to them, you fools. 

Stop releasing terrorists. 

These people love Jewish blood.

Why are we rewarding that?

Why should anyone think a Jewish is worth anything if we, the Jews, release our murderers?

Read these words:

"We were in a craze to see blood."

That is who we are dealing with. Blood thirsty barbarians.

Hey liberal Jews-how about bookmarking that article?

(I know fat chance to ask anything of idiots such as leftist Jews...)

"We were in a crazy to see blood."

 This is a good response.