Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Five Most Endangered Jewish Foods in NY

OK. This list is kind of funny.

I noticed that they put REAL bagels on the list. I'll explain why.

*goy alert*

Bagels are not buns. It has to be boiled and then baked to be a REAL bagel.

And it's pronounced bay-gel. Long "a". And the second syllable is more like how you pronounce "bull" but with a "g".


It's not a "bah-gel". 

I guess you could call it a "bah-gel" if you eat it with "Smoked Salmon" or Liver Pate.

But if you eat your bagel with lox and a bit of shmear, or chopped liver, then it's baaayyyygul.

Now, greben-OY TO THE VEY. 

My late Zaidy used to make greben. It's fried chicken fat. You got that? Fried chicken fat. Polish Jewish "delicacy". Gah!

I can't say I'm sorry to see that one on the endangered list.