Friday, December 20, 2013

Well Said, Roger L. Simon: The PC Lynching of Phil Robertson + Michelle Malkin on the Tolerance Mob

Very well said. 

Fortunately, the Robertson family probably doesn't give a crap about this VILDE CHAYA reaction to his comments. And they have enough money to tell A & E to stick it.

My only quibble with this otherwise finely written piece is that Simon identifies this PC hysteria as fascistic, which of course it is.

So, this part is wishful thinking:

"And if you dislike what Robertson is saying, why not engage him? You might even convert him. After all, the reality star was not casting personal aspersions toward gays or trashing individuals by name in the manner of Martin Bashir or Ed Schultz. He was being interviewed by GQ who sought his opinions, hopefully controversial ones, one would imagine, which he delivered in his folksy Bayou style."

The frothing, angry leftist masses are not interested in having a conversation, or a dialogue. It's their way or the highway. 

More from Michelle Malkin on the Tolerance Mob. 

In the name of tolerance, we shall censor you and shove our views down your throat. 

Celebrate Diversity OR ELSE!