Monday, December 30, 2013

Feminism is a Crock Nowadays

Via Instapundit:

Why Lis Smith Loses the Ladies

"Many men saw the liberalization of divorce laws, the opening of opportunities for women in education and the workplace and the changes in women’s legal and financial standing in a marriage as positive developments. Most men didn’t want their daughters or sisters to be subject to the whims of dirtbags like Eliot Spitzer if they happened to have been so unlucky as to have married him."

"There was a time when a woman who was married to a man cavorting with prostitutes or engaging in otherwise embarrassing dalliances would have little choice but to stand by her man and say nothing. What other options did she have? But today, no woman, especially no Ivy League-educated woman with a good job, would be forced to sacrifice her dignity for the sake of her ­security."

"Which is why, by the way, it’s so puzzling to see women of a certain age still rallying around Hillary Clinton. If you’re Hillary or Huma Abedin or Lis Smith and you think that getting in with a slime-bucket is a good idea for your own life trajectory, well be our guest. But you could have accomplished that without ­feminism."

(Not so puzzling actually, but perhaps that was a literary device.)

I think it's that for leftist women, leftism trumps EVERYTHING. So, as long as the scumbag they are married to is a lefty/Democrat, anything goes, stand by your man, etc...