Thursday, December 26, 2013

Good News: Most American Families Still Routinely Dine Together

The family dinner is an essential component of family life. 

And I walk the walk on that.

Even if the kids have nothing in particular to report, dinner remains a family activity, including setting the table, prep work, the cooking and the clean up. It is a real blessing.

I don't consider it a throw back, I consider it a real gift.

I remember seeing a cartoon a while back with a harassed Mom saying "Why-why do the need dinner EVERY NIGHT???"

So funny and so true. Being a parent is a tough gig, but it's the best ever.

Making food for your family is a wonderful thing.

Watching your kids enjoy things that you have made is just a giant, internal bubble of joy.

I used to joke about Jewish grandparents and parents and their "esss, esss" schtick (eat, eat in Yiddish), but now I get it.