Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Outstanding-David Soloway Asks: Is the Game Lost?

This is absolutely outstanding. 

Kudos to PJ Media for being one of the only publications on the planet that would "let" Solway actually publish this.

"We have reached the point at which, even if by some miracle every last Muslim terrorist could be eliminated, the situation would not alter appreciably. For the real onslaught is occurring peacefully, via unstinted Muslim immigration into the West, burgeoning demographics outpacing Western population replacement ratios, infiltration of the civil apparatus including the judiciary, the legal profession, the legacy media, the educational curriculum from top to bottom, the interfaith community, and the various levels of government, municipal, state and national."

He notes that there are those who think we right wingers are wrongly stating the sky is falling.

"In the cheery words of Daniel Pipes, “Radical Islam is the problem; moderate Islam is the solution.” The argument is blinkered and disingenuous, if not downright contrafactual."

EXACTLY because:

"Ultimately, the distinction between “extremists” and “moderates” does not hold up to scrutiny."

"Regrettably, Pipes’ ideal “moderate” is a figment of his imagination, a theoretical chimera, a creature of myth like a unicorn or wyvern or firedrake — in effect, an empty category. But its hollowness remains unperceived since it is a heavily paradigm-laden phenomenon, a collective assumption imposed upon a vacancy."

"In other words, the term “moderate” applied to Muslims is a nebulous placeholder for a concept that resists definition but which appeals to a conciliatory mentality that does not want to look too deeply into a problematic reality. It means everything and nothing. It sheds a warm, narcoleptic glow upon a disturbing issue that should properly invite unsparing inquiry, and it thus enables us to preserve a comfortable sense of faux open-mindedness.

“Moderate” in this usage is a numbing synonym for “good,” “benevolent,” “unoffending,” “peaceable,” etc., while pretending to be a descriptor for a “signified” without observable shape or precise content. Its chief function is to muddy the waters, that is, to close off debate and analysis. It is also an ego-massage for our cultural meliorists and multiculti preachers who preen themselves on their ecumenical bona fides."