Friday, December 13, 2013

Hey Florida-Buy Your Tickets to Mark Steyn Live and Watch Him Make Out With Blonde Danish Politicians

Now there's a live show you don't want to miss!!

I've seen Mark Steyn live several times, and I highly, highly recommend it, but dammit, I don't remember that part of the show?!?! 

Did I blink and miss it?


But seriously, that was just one of the moderately arousing entertaining notions from Mark Steyn's weekly spot on the Hugh Hewitt show.

I like to read the transcripts because there are always a few piercing nuggets that inevitably turn into fabulous columns, and I think that some of Steyn's best ideas flow really freely in radio conversation-which is why Steyn is amazing on Rush Limbaugh.

Normally, saying someone has a face for radio is sort of like talking about the girl you want to fix up, and the guy says "what does she look like" and the matchmaker says OH SHE HAS THE GREATEST PERSONALITY. It's not really a compliment. Like, really, really not.

Meaning, when they say "she has a great personality" that means HEAD FOR THE HILLS IT'S A FAT CHICK.

But I digress.

When I say Mark Steyn has a personality for radio, I mean it as a huuuuuuuge compliment.

Radio is a strange beast. You have to be comfortable talking to someone as if they are your good friend, no matter what you think about them and no matter how large the audience. I love radio, but like I say-it's a very strange beast. Radio is still cool because it makes you use your imagination. It lets you think instead of having images dictated to your brain. Radio is more cerebral than television.

(Note: this is why talk radio for liberals fails epically. It's an oxymoron, like "jumbo shrimp", like The Great Synagogue of Mecca, if you get my drift...)

From this week's appearance, these bits were particularly astute.

In my view: January may well be Death Month for the American Democratic party.

It will certainly mean death for a lot of Americans and I cannot understand why they are behaving so sheepishly about it. And frankly, I never thought I would say "gee, I'm glad I'm in Canada" when it comes to (our socialized) healthcare as opposed to the American health care system.

As per Steyn: "large numbers of people who think they’ve enrolled with Obamacare in fact have yet to cut their first check for their new insurance plans, and will be going to the pharmacy, or God forbid, the emergency room around January 5th, 6th, 7th, and discovering that in fact although they thought they were insured, they’re not insured. And shortly after that, if things go really badly, we’re going to reading about the first deaths of people who thought they were covered by Obamacare but turn out not to have insurance at all."

We're already reading stories about people with critical illnesses, or chronic illnesses or sick children with cancer who now have no medical insurance.

America yawns. 

Steyn on Uncle Jong Un in Korea being Saddamzied (HAHAHAHHAA SEE WHAT I DID THERE??):

He's talking about North Korea, but sounds sort of eerily reminiscent of America to me.

Steyn: "in these hereditary dictatorships, there’s an awful lot of bloodletting that attends the change of power in those places."

ObamaCare will result in many, many preventable American deaths. 

The American left is very fond of totalitarianism and hereditary power.

It's a bloody awful powder keg mix for a formerly great republic and beacon of freedom.