Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lawsuit: Body of U.S Marine Sent Home Without His Own Heart

This is so disturbing. 

A young marine, who committed suicide while on duty, was subjected to an unauthorized autopsy. His body was returned to his parents without a heart. Another heart was sent subsequently-and DNA tests proved it was not their son's.

When Americans give their souls, bodies and hearts to their country and their country returns a body without a heart it is a tragic and horrendous point in history indeed. 

Americans place their hands on their hearts when they say their Pledge of Allegiance. 

One can only shudder to think at how little American politicians care about this outrage, as per Hilary Clinton-'what difference does it make'?

The other thing that is so disturbing is that a young man, a mere 21 years old, could have been so distraught by a romantic problem that he thought suicide was the only answer.

Parents need to instil in their children enough confidence (not "self-esteem") and help them develop a thick enough skin to withstand some heartache-early on in life. The earlier the better.

A break up should never lead to suicide. There have been so many stories lately of suicides due to on-line "bullying" and false accusations. With parenthood comes great responsibility. While parents cannot possibly monitor all on-line activities, in my view, they have a duty to talk to kids about the old 'sticks and stones' adage.

Who cares what people say?

It matters what people do.

We live in a society that has "invested" so much time and effort into building "self-esteem". Instead of building self-worth, and earned, legitimate self-confidence, we have young people who have "self-esteem" that is so fragile that a few insults, and a few punches or insults lobbed by bullies throw them so much off their game, and into such emotional and psychological tumult that they consider suicide.

This is another social justice experiment gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Shame on all the enablers.