Friday, December 6, 2013

Lying Former Marine Gave Exactly Zero Dollars to Wounded Warriors

This is not just a story about lying and a faux hate crime.

It also shows that these types have no ability to see into the future. 

No concept of probabilities.

Even toddlers understand "contingencies".

("No, Johnny, eat your apple first AND THEN you can have a candy.")

They want instant gratification. NOW NOW NOW. There is no thought to consequences and comparing the thrill of the instant with long-term effects.

So, this woman made a quick $2000 off of her hoax from a bunch of well-meaning suckers, but it is nowknown all over the world that she is a lying, liar.

It's safe to assume that she was not able or willing to give a single thought as to what a terrible return on investment that would be IF she got caught.