Monday, December 2, 2013

Mark Steyn: Surrender in Geneva

In this essay, Mark Steyn takes a look at the obvious surrender of America to Iran that took place in Geneva. 

When I first read about the "agreement", I felt sick to my stomach and it will definitely go into my personal file of "where were you when..." moments. This was the moment where Obama's perfidy became so clear and so bright that one would have thought it would be impossible to ignore.

At first, the Democrat supporting Jews were mute.

We didn't hear anything from them. But alas, the mute button was short-lived and uber-wealthy Jewish leftists like Haim Saban-himself a former Israeli are all about backing Hilary Clinton for 2016.

Steyn sums it up thus:

"In Geneva, the participants came to the talks with different goals: The Americans and Europeans wanted an agreement; the Iranians wanted nukes. Each party got what it came for."

"Explaining that their “singular object” was to “ensure that Iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon,” John Kerry said that “Foreign Minister Zarif emphasized that they don’t intend to do this, and the Supreme Leader has indicated there is a fatwa which forbids them to do this.” “The Supreme Leader” is not Barack Obama but Ayatollah Khamenei. Why is America’s secretary of state dignifying Khamenei as “the Supreme Leader”?"

Why indeed? 

"In his own famous remarks upon his return from Munich, Neville Chamberlain referred only to “Herr Hitler.” “Der Führer” means, in effect, “the Supreme Leader,” but, unlike Kerry (and Obama), Chamberlain understood that it would be unseemly for the representative of a free people to confer respectability on such a designation."

We cannot give up the fight, but these are very dangerous times and the waking capitulation of America under Obama, Kerry et al is very frightening. And not "just" for Israel.

Whatever is done to Jews by their enemies is eventually done to others in all places where the infidel walks and dares to breathe and live.

The jihad against individual Jews started with murder by knives and rock and guns. It went on to bombs in garbage bins and backpacks, and then bombs strapped to human beings and filled with ball bearings and other deadly items to increase the carnage.

They started by taking down individual planes, holding people for ransom and killing individuals and then "progressing" to taking down entire buildings in downtown New York City and  Washington, D.C.  All the great cities of the world have now experienced the jihad.

Jihad that was tested joyfully on Jews has never stayed primarily with Jews, and it has never stayed in Israel-nor will it. And now, with America's blessing the stakes are nuclear.

Steyn rightly notes that "a disinterested observer might easily conclude that the point of the plan seems to be to box in Israel rather than Iran" where "America is containing itself, in hopes of a quiet life".

This will be a very costly error in human life-not just for the Jews, but for the entire world.

The weight of the world is on Binyamin Netanyahu at the moment, and not just the Jewish world.

Remember where you were when America betrayed the Jews and the trail of appeasement that bled from Geneva.