Thursday, December 12, 2013

Must Read: Douglas Murray and Ann Coulter

Both pieces touch masterfully on who you ought to believe, your political and media elites or our own lying eyes??

(My recommendation: your hatey, hateful, lying eyes...)

Absolutely excellent stuff from Douglas Murray. 

Don't censor yourself.

Seriously, what's the very worst that can happen? Why stifle every joke, comment or giggle?

Live a little.

"We must face up to it. The Western democracies have a great and serious problem which appears only to be growing: the general public are developing views highly questionable to those in positions of power. Larger and larger swaths of people, when asked their opinion of certain matters, keep coming back with the wrong opinion. Whether it is opposition to the EU in Europe, or to Obamacare in the U.S., or to a hopeless deal with Iran to keep it from producing nuclear weapons, something, surely, must be done about this!"

Read it all. Similar themes and utter brilliance emanating from Ann Coulter who writes this beauty "Words With Fiends". 

I'm in love with it, frankly.

The whole thing is awesome, but I'm literally in love with the ending. Her conclusion is spot on.

"Accustomed to playing the role of Soviet commissar censoring the news when it comes to black violence, the Non-Fox Media are in a panic now that the alternative media can post videos of young black males punching out random strangers."

"As a result, liberals are denying the "Knockout Game" exists by refusing to understand the meaning of basic words, such as "game" and "trend."

It's a masterpiece. You must read the whole thing.