Monday, December 9, 2013

Must Read: ObamaCare, Where the Liberal Dream Crashes and Burns

This is a fine piece by Margaret Wente at the Globe & Mail.

The whole essay is excellent, you have to read the whole thing. 

"Mr. Obama is in a tough spot. It’s not just that he looks incompetent – it’s that he looks deceitful. He told people they could keep their plans, their doctors and their hospitals, and that their insurance payments wouldn’t go up. That turns out not to be true for a lot of people, who feel duped. If they’d known what Obamacare would really mean, they wouldn’t have supported it. And the worst isn’t over."

"But Obamacare is much more than a test of a presidency. It’s a test of whether big government can solve big problems. And so far, the answer is very bad for the entire liberal enterprise."

"As venerable left-leaning pundit Thomas Edsall wrote in The New York Times, “Cumulatively, recent developments surrounding the rollout of Obamacare strengthen the most damaging conservative portrayals of liberalism and of big government – that on one hand government is too much a part of our lives, too invasive, too big, too scary, too regulatory, too in your face, and on the other hand it is incompetent, bureaucratic and expropriatory.”

"This is a cautionary tale for Canada, where progressive politicians are fond of big ideas that will fix (fill in social problem here). It should resonate throughout Ontario, where the Liberal government’s two signature policies – to transform energy and early education – have turned into expensive failures. It should be studied very carefully by the two progressive federal parties, who may find that voters are increasingly skeptical of government promises to cure whatever ails us."

"The truth is that no matter how many smart people are in charge, governments can’t run things very well."