Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The New Scarlett Letter is "R"

I remember reading The Scarlett Letter a long time ago, but it's time for a re-read. For real.

A loyal reader from Australia sent me a piece from The Daily Telegraph that I missed and I promised that I would write about it today.

Behold: School Children as young as 8 told (actually threatened is more apt) that they would be labelled as racist for missing school trip.

I often use "The UK Is Screwed" as the title of some of my posts.

This article epitomizes why I maintain the UK is screwed.

The new Scarlett Letter is "R" for "racist". 

This is apparently the worst thing that people think can happen to them, to be called, or labelled a 'racist'.

Are you people completely nuts? I mean it.

If you give a rat's ass about being called anything, then you are pretty much as crazy as the people who are flinging these useless, idiotic accusations around willy-nilly with the hopes that SOMETHING will stick to you.

And for those people who actually do have the balls not to care, or-dare I say-like myself EMBRACE the epithet, the social engineering and your betters in government and the re-education gulag Nazis will FORCE you to wear the label on your chest and on your official paperwork for your entire life, starting in grade school!

This is a very dangerous and sickening article for so many reasons.

British parents were expected to pay for the pleasure of their children being indoctrinated at a mosque, when they should have been-you know-learning at school. 

Here are the facts:

"Parents have criticised a school after children as young as eight were told they would be punished for racism if they did not attend a religious workshop about Islam."
"Angry mums and dads were sent a letter by Littleton Green Community School, in Huntingdon, Staffordshire, warning their children would be considered racist if they did not go on the school trip.The visit to Staffordshire University - for Year 4 and Year 6 pupils - had been arranged as part of the children's "cultural education" on November 27."
"Headteacher Lynn Small wrote to parents and said if kids did not attend a "racial discrimination note" would be made on the pupil's records and would remain there for their school careers."
"On top of that, they were also ordered to pay £5 towards the cost of the trip."

I would have said: over my dead body. 

Fortunately, these parents showed some balls. 

They pushed back and the smug, moral superiors, from their cushy supine dhimmi offices had to back down.

Everyone needs to push back.

People who don't push back are the problem. 

What would you have done?

Quietly paid your 5 quid and carried on?

Would you have not wanted to make a fuss, and just muttered under your breath that you were pissed off?

Or would you have raised a little hell?

Do read the whole article, which includes the school letter at the bottom. It is breathtaking in its arrogance.

I swear, every time I think I have read the most vomit-inducing letter about the Brits and their abject surrender to Islam I see something like this.

Great Britain can only return to greatness if more people act exactly as these upstanding parents have acted.

And that goes for you, too.