Monday, December 16, 2013

The UK Is Screwed and David Cameron Has No Balls

Cameron is said to be "reviewing' university gender apartheid on British campuses after a massive public backlash to the practice.


Sorry, but this kind of thing cannot be accommodated. When you try to make nice with heinous practices, you become a collaborator, and in this case-an amateur, boorish, terrified and supine sharia arbitrator.

It's normal people versus the idiot, "accommodating" dhimmi elites: 


"Chris Moos, the secretary of London School of Economics’ secular society, which has been opposing the UUK guidelines, said he had yet to be convinced that latest moves would lead to a firm ban on segregation."

"Mr Moos, a PhD student, said: “Surely a discriminatory guideline should be withdrawn entirely?
We should never accept a policy that would institutionalise and allow religious, national or racial segregation."

“It is outrageous that the EHRC are now suggesting that a policy that would allow for gender segregation merely needs ‘clarification’ and greater ‘consistency’. It really looks like the EHRC are hedging their bets.”

"The official guidance set out how sex segregation could be acceptable as long as men and women were seated side by side rather than with women at the back. It also said that any event where some segregation took place for religious reasons should also provide a separate, non-segregated area."

How insane is this? A normal person says-hey, this is really unacceptable in any form.

But officialdom says bend and twist and take your proper supine position.

This is the battle my friends and these are the battle fields.

This is where lines are drawn and you have to pick sides. Where do you stand?

This is it in a nutshell: regular people versus the elites and their rag-tag coalition of regressive, offensive, non-Western and anti-democratic policies.