Thursday, August 27, 2015

Death March in the Hills of Jerusalem

The story of savage barbarians, and the woman who survived. 

"The women follow his instructions. He then tells Kay to put her hands behind her back. Kay pleads for her life in Hebrew, Kristine in English."

We good,” the man says, hand on his heart. “We don’t kill.”

"Barefoot, hands tied behind their backs, gagged with pieces of Kristine’s fleece jacket, and led nearer to the brow of the hill by the two men who sit them down in the thorny thicket, delusions of reprieve consume the women."

"The man takes Kay’s sunglasses and Star of David, separating her from Kristine."

"Then a knife plunges through Kay’s side and rips through her organs, insides on fire."

“Shema Yisrael…” she says. He grinds the machete into her bones and raises his arm, the silhouette of the blade blocking out the sun’s rays."

"Peanut yelps as they stab her also. Kristine is drowning in her own blood, letting out the kind of groan one can only make once in their life.The men are leaning on her thigh and stabbing her in the back, sound of bones crunching, ripping flesh."

"Kay is stabbed repeatedly, ribs broken, her lungs and diaphragm punctured, no longer feeling her now-dislocated shoulder, nor her shoulder blade, nor her broken sternum."

"She looks at the knife going inside her, next to her heart. She rolls over with her eyes open, as if she’s already gone. The men look to the women in the dirt who they see are now dead. Then they retreat back into the forest."