Friday, August 14, 2015

Mark Steyn's New Book: "A Disgrace To the Profession"

Cannot wait to read this one...

This is possibly the first time I might agree that the pen is mightier than sword.

(Because really, it's not. I believe in superior firepower. Leave the pens to the nancy boys with the man buns, with their lumberjack beards and/or tight pants. You know, the ones who order soy lattes, and can't change a tire...)


The pen is mightier than the sword only when we are talking about the Steyn-pen being mightier than the Mann-sword. 

I mean, for real, and not for joking, how delicious is this?

Don't get mad, get even published, baby! 

More Steyn-thoughts from his weekly interview with Hugh Hewitt here. 

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And if you want to hear EVEN MORE from Steyn this weekend, my friend Andrew Lawton will be chatting with Steyn tomorrow on the Roy Green Show, at 4pm Eastern Time/ 1pm Pacific.

In the meantime, "don't wake the snake", and "rock and rollah, Ayatollah"!