Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Great Meotti: Only Israel Will Survive

"Barack Obama only cares about LGBT causes and is closing his eyes and big mouth on the killing of Christians and other minorities (he has already abandoned the Israeli Jews under the Iranian atomic umbrella). Europe is living as if it is the last generation there ever will be, inspired only by hedonism, science and a horrible cult of the present. A few days ago, Le Figaro, a French newspaper, published an interview between Alain Finkielkraut and Michel Houellebecq, the most important philosopher and writer in France. It is an amazing piece, shedding light on our tragic times."

"Finkielkraut says: "God is gone, and getting Him back is beyond our control. 'Where there was God, is today's melancholy' said Gershom Sholem."

"Answers Houellebecq: "On that, Alain, I totally disagree with you. Only those who believe in eternal life survive. Religion always wins in the end - if only for demographic reasons".

"They are both right, Finkielkraut and Houellebecq, and they both explain why only Israel and its people, not the West, are the ultimate hope of civilization. Only Israel still uses war and military force for good reasons, and only in Israel you have that mix of vibrant modernity and ancient spirit which give reasons for survival. "

I found the link to the original from Le Figaro here. 

(Subscribers only-sorry. Maybe they will unlock it and/or do an English translation.)