Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Sex Ed" Is Grooming

American psychiatrist confirms that Ontario's radical "sex ed" i.e grooming curriculum is indoctrination, not "education". 

"She criticized the curriculum for introducing biological details at inappropriate ages, noting that in her professional opinion, teaching the names of body parts in Grade 1 is “not necessary.” Six-year-olds are “very little and they’re innocent,” she said. “A child’s innocence and modesty comes naturally and should be protected.”

“What’s really going on in this curriculum is an attempt to de-sensitize children,” she said, pointing out that it “confuses sensitivity and modesty with shame and negative self-image.”

"It is sufficient, in order to protect children against sexual predators, to teach them “that we all have private parts, those that are covered by a bathing suit,” and that “anyone who wants to see or touch you there, that’s a bad person” and “you scream and tell your parents.”

"Grossman added that the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry advises that in talking to their kids about sex, “parents should respond to the needs and curiosity level of their individual child, offering no more or less information than their child is asking for and is able to understand.”


NDP and Liberal leaders promise to revisit world's most pressing problem.