Thursday, August 13, 2015

Please Remind Me Exactly Why Sweden Needs Eritrean Refugees

Cause I cannot figure it out. 

But, to demonstrate how truly and royally f&cked up the Swedes are, how very determined they are to commit suicide via immigration, and how utterly morally inverse their police force is, one must-simply must-take a gander at this piece from the BBC.

In a normal democratic society that wishes to remain democratic, after a stabbing by African asylum-seekers, policy-makers might question their immigration policies. One might even think that security forces would take extra measures to protect citizens.

HAHAHAHAHAHAH right fat chance. If one thought that, one would be TOTALLY WRONG, SUCKAAAAAHS.

Instead of protecting native-born citizens from knife-weilding asylum seekers, Swedish police (see "they're royally f&cked" above) have increased security at...wait for it....asylum centres!

"Police increased security at refugee accommodation centres in the region this week after confirming they had arrested two Eritrean asylum seekers over the murders."

"Local officials feared a backlash from "dark forces" who wanted to exploit the case, police chief Per Agren said."


But seriously, "dark forces" is Soooper Seeekrit Political Correct Talk for "normal people who are not inclined to have their country turn into a third-world sh&thole". 

Seems that Sweden is charging ahead with Project Total Malm√∂ization at warp speed. 

It's terribly hard to feel sorry for Sweden.