Wednesday, August 12, 2015

OH MAH GAWD Milos Yiannpoulos is Hysterical

This is an excellent comment on the sucky, wussy, totalitarian Canadian response to "Roosh".

(Of course, Kathy Draidlebaum's essay is great, and she even quoted me in it, but this pull quote from Yiannpoulos is Da Bomb. You know, I like Kathy's 'dark meat' quote too, and I plead guilty-I do like Teh Swarthy in general. Full disclosure: the husband is Persian. I dig Persians. Actually I dig the entire range of swarthy Jews from Middle Eastern countries, but exceptions can, and are made occasionally for the whiter, red-headed end of the spectrum...*waves at Mark Steyn* )


I nearly fell off my chair: 

"Disclosure: I had lunch with Roosh in London last month. We had fish and chips. We didn’t agree on everything, but I liked him and found him smart and intellectually engaging. He did not try to rape me. Even after I insisted. "

I'm dying!!!

Actually, I thought I was FINITO when I read this comment, but the next one was also a beauty.


"...this failed feminist fox hunt is a good excuse to remind those retarded pseudo-French losers what freedom of speech is, and how avoiding and banning speech we dislike is a really, really bad idea, like almost as bad as Avril Lavigne, Rufus Wainwright, Michael Cera, Nia Vardalos or for the love of fucking Christ Shania Twain."

And finally:


Nice looking men (and you don't have to be gorgeous, just presentable and well-groomed because women are VERY forgiving) who are non-obese, functional (ie: gainfully employed) who aren't getting laid, or even getting dates or phone numbers and (rightly) feel as though their balls have been sliced off by the general culture of angry, man-hating feminists really could do a lot worse than to listen to a good looking (Iranian??) American give them tips on growing back a solid pair in lieu of the jelly beans that most of them are fiddling with nowadays.

I'm delighted that the attempts at muzzling "Roosh" completely backfired.

The publicity that he is getting translates into money, and exposure, the exact opposite of what the SJW's had planned.