Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fighting Back Works

This has been a pretty good month for pushing back.

I don't know if there is something in the water, or if it's as simple as goodness and bravery inspiring other goodness and bravery but there are interesting things going on, so I thought I would take a few minutes to riff on that theme.

Earlier this month, the disgusting Jew-haters who cloak themselves in the veneer of "anti-Israel" BDS activism (some of their BEST friends are apparently Jews/Israeli, etc...) really blew their cover in Spain when it came time for the Matisyahu concert.

To catch you up, Matisyahu is a Jewish American (formerly religious) singer who is NOT Israeli.

He's "just" a Jew. But he was dropped from the line up of a Spanish concert because of pressure from the BDS Jew-hating masses for not endorsing a Palestinian state. 

Not Israeli. "Just" a Jew.

He was too Jewy, so much Jewy Jewish blood, that the Spaniards, who annihilated their own Jewish population, who pioneered identifying Jews by their clothes, who pioneered bloodline eugenic theories about Jews that the Nazis emulated AND who have not a small amount of AHEM Dar-Al-Islam trouble with their own Andalusia Is Ours Forever crowd IF YOU GET MY MEANING, went along with this disgusting antisemitic episode. (By the way f&ck you, Spain.)

Unfortunately for Spain, the blowback was swift and painful and Spain and the festival were forced to eat a massive, KOSHER SH&T sandwich. A Jewy sandwich, like a Reuben on rye with mustard and a sour dill, or a falalfel. Yeah, that JEWY.

And Matisyahu for his part, gave the Jew-haters a massive f&ck you at the concert, singing "If I Forget You, Jerusalem" as they waved their crappy, Jew-hating, terrorist-loving Palestinian flags in his face.

You know what? In YOUR face, Jew-haters. 

As the great Caroline Glick put it, in this marvellous essay: when Jews stand up to antisemitism, the antisemites back down.

They lose! Look at the damage a few Jews with only a few guns did in the Warsaw ghetto! This is why we fight. Courage my friends, courage!

So that's Episode 1 and in the news business, remember "three's a trend".

Now we come to Episode 2, and Glenn Reynolds described it better than anyone, so this is a must read. When the jihadist terrorist was tackled, and beaten unconscious by a few brave unarmed Americans, a Brit and a Frenchman, he wrote "Fear is contagious. So is courage."

Amen to that.


And I wrote earlier this week that "Let's Go" is the new "Let's Roll". It certainly is.

Instapundit always talks about punching back harder. Twice as hard.

Now Steyn is taking it up a notch and promoting punching back thrice as hard.

And that's precisely what we need.

So, let's get to Episode 3 of my trend-Mark Steyn's new book: Disgrace to the Profession:The World's Scientists - In Their Own Words - OnMichael E Mann, His Hockey Stick And Their Damage To Science, Volume One. 

This is a must-read for many reasons.

First of all, it is an entire book of pushback. An entire book. 

It's not punching back twice as hard, or even thrice as hard.

It's punching back something like eleventy bazillion gazillion times as hard.

It's probably the longest, funniest, most savvily organized and meticulous "screw you" in the history of Western literature.  It's probably a new genre. I don't know of any precedent for a literary vehicle of this kind.

Instead of waiting for the opportunity to flush more of his hard-earned money down the toilet, waiting for the sclerotic US justice system and Michael Mann to crush him into pulp, using their process as punishment, Steyn has gone on the offensive.

And it's a delightfully offensive book. 

I bet his lawyers are simultaneously happy and sad.

Happy that they have such a crushing and meticulous compilation of evidence at their fingertips, but devastated perhaps that they can't charge that research back to Steyn at $1000 per hour or whatever they charge.

The book is educational as well.

One cannot read it and not come out very highly informed, beyond the shadow of a doubt about the massive stink of corruption and tyranny surrounding Big Climate. Steyn follows the 'show' not 'tell' method of writing. He shows readers the words of world-famous scientists discussing the depth of the rot, from painstakingly collated e-mails, videos and articles.  The organization of this book is clever and devastating. It's hypnotizing.

The scope of this book, by someone currently embroiled in litigation of this nature is, I believe,   unprecedented. The approach is uniquely Steynian. I don't know of any other writer, or individual, who, when sued for defamation, decides to publish an entire book, compiling what other "peers" have said about the litigant.

But then again, the scope of the utter tyranny that Big Climate can impose upon hapless taxpayers in the Western world is also probably unprecedented. I was trying to think of a government program or international program, in the history of the West that has the same scope and the closest I could think of was perhaps the New Deal (which was national), or perhaps the financial toll on allied forces in either of the world wars. I haven't run the numbers of course, I am just thinking about the degree to which "climate" can be used as a tool of tyranny by the left against the rest of us.

The world wars would have cost countries lots of money, but the limitless potential for interference in every day life is unique to "big clime" as Steyn calls it.

I would urge you to pick up a copy, and get the facts.

If nothing else, you will certainly come away wondering, as I do, how these scientific "reconstructions" and this whole warming/Kyoto/ circus can be considered anything but guesswork, and really not even "educated" guesses at best. At the worst, and this comes through in the book, we could be trying to fight against political conclusions upon which theories were built around. That's a devastating possibility.

And this brings me to why Donald Trump is surging in the American polls.

He's pushing back, showing signs of leadership instead of fatigue or dreaded malaise. He is showing signs of patriotism instead of retreat.

Ronald Reagan was an actor who brought down communism.

Trump, a business leader, (who cares about the 'conservative' or not label right now) cannot be any worse than 8 years of Obama and his Marxist, American-hating, hope and change decline.

I believe that Americans see him as a leader, indeed intent on making America great again and not, as Mark Steyn pointed out earlier today on the Rush Limbaugh program, "gracefully managing the nation's decline" as other GOP "leaders" are content to do.

Fighting back works.

"Fear is contagious, so is courage."

Courage, my friends.