Thursday, August 27, 2015

Today's Lesson in Victim Hierarchy

Aggrieved, belligerent, crazy, black, gay and leftwing Obama-worshipping murders trump white. 

Muslim trumps everything else, including disabled. 

Ontario's bullsh&t "Human Rights" code only works for certain pet groups.

Muslims will always win.

Basically, my feeling about this issue is that if you don't want "government" to interfere with your pet project, pet organization or cause, then don't take government tax receipts or grants. If you open yourself up to the tax receipt/charitable organization game, then tough luck. Your cause likely has a lot of potential donors that won't want or need your tax receipt. If you're good enough at what you do, people will trust you with their money (so don't eff up).

Similarly, if your pet housing project takes taxpayer's money, then it should be open to all. If you want to tell "the government", i.e us taxpayers to screw off, then do it on your own dime.

There are Jewish groups that take provincial taxpayers' funds for their programs. They are therefore required to open up said programs (housing, for the disabled, etc.) to the entire community. Reena for example is one such organization that I am familiar with.

So, why are some groups allowed to discriminate, and others not?

By the way, this is going to get worse, and not better as Canadian demographics change due to immigration, and a larger, more "diverse" sampling of ethnic and religious groups get into the sucking-taxpayer-teat as profession gam.e

Thanks, "Conservative" government!


Via Ezra Levant: "No Infidels Allowed"