Saturday, August 8, 2015

Mark Steyn: Party Pooper

OOOOH this is a good one.

You must watch Steyn on Hannity, having a post-Republican debate little chit chat. 

(The dog poop line is a classic and I snorted out loud about 'Hillary's husband-HAR!)

Steyn basically explains what the deal is with Donald Trump:

"Many electors agree with Trump - that America is dying before their eyes. If that's the case, why should fealty to a party that bears a large measure of responsibility for that decay take precedence over love of country?"

So yes, Trump was the winner of that debate, but only because Carly wasn't involved.

I'm finding it puzzling how Donald Trump is causing the vapors among Americans. I mean, for real and not for joking, they are needing super-sized fainting couches and weeping schmattahs about The Donald. 

The way I see it is that the current batch of Republican "leaders" are no longer conservative, and have all chosen to live in the gonad-free zone known as Washington, D.C, living the Cartel Highlife (kudos to Ted Cruz for that line, it really is outstanding-and I remain a Cruz Jooooz). 

They are all sucky over-conciliatory eunuchs. The only people with stones, as far as I can see are Trump, Cruz and Carly. 

Trump has made enough money that he couldn't give a single shit about what anyone says about him. That's America, baby. Cruz is a principled conservative who has the right moral principles and intelligence to lead America out of its current decline, and Carly is a bloody firecracker who also knows about politics, business and she certainly channels Reagan and Thatcher. 

Trump could not in any way, shape or form be worse than Obama. But the current Republican leadership in America might as well have Obama kneepads for all the sucking up and sucking off of this administration that they partake in, day in and day out.  You better believe Trump will not be doing any "blowjobby" (thanks, Kathy Draidlebaum for that term) shenanigans. 

As for Megyn Kelly and the sexist comments ooooooooh dear so sleeeeeepppy now zzzzzzz......

Here's the bottom line: you cannot sit at the big boys' table and then try to pull The Estrogen Card. 

Apparently, statistically (think I saw this on Rush Limbaugh's web site, I have to double check), most of the airtime on the Fox News debate went to....wait for it...the Fox News Hostess With the Mostess Estrogen. 

So, if you want that spotlight on your Fox(y) Face, you better be in the make-up room with Teflon being applied shortly after your foundation. 

Otherwise, pass the mike to a bro, ya know?


Most importantly, can we please discuss Steyn's sartorial fare on the Hannity interview for a moment? Of course we can  BECAUSE IT'S MY BLOG. 

Beige, tan colour scheme: excellent choices-very debonaire. We like! 

Ya know, a bunch of cranky people were writing to Steyn saying the equivalent of him having a face for radio-I mean they were like TOTALLY DISSING his TV spots. Of course, I totally disagree, and I think Hannity and Steyn have a very good rapport. He asks very intelligent questions, and gives Steyn the requisite time to actually answer properly. 

And, hey, if the punditry business goes down the tubes, Steyn could VERY EASILY have a second career as a Fashion Policeman, as good as the late great Joan Rivers.  A Steynian What Not to Wear would be fab. Love it. Can easily see that happening.